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Click the link below will bring a separate browser window with a list of the data tables available. Click whichever data table you would to use. Reading the short user guide to the right will help you know what to do next.

List of Available Web-interactive Databases

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Welcome to the User Guide for the Circle Icon Options

Important notes:

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Use only the buttons on the pages themselves to move between table and form modes and to do searches, sorts and other tasks. Avoid hitting your browser's back or forward buttons to return to previous views or to abort an operation. Doing so may cause a problems with the functioning of the database web server.

The web database server is compatible only with current versions of Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Database User Guide (Circle Icon)

Welcome to the Circle Icon explanations. Clicking the full graphic-icon tools panel image right below allows you to return to the general explanation of the user interface.

The circle provides a graphic representation of the proportion of the records found in a search in respect to the total number of records in the data table.
This slider allows you to move through the records in a found set selected based on a search.
The “Show All Records” action frees the found set and gives access to the various movement actions through the records to all the records, instead of just the current found set that resulted from a search (find).
The “Show Omitted Only” action toggles between the found set of a search and the records outside of that search/find.

The “Omit Record” action does what it says” omit a record from the found set, allowing you to refine a search/find.


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