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The UCR Herbarium

Herbarium of U. C. Riverside (UCR)
Plants of San Diego Co., California, USA
Clematis lasiantha Nutt. RAN
Peninsular Range: Otay Mountain, ridge ca. 2-3 miles east of the peak, around end of jeep trail (Otay Mountain 7.5’ Q.: Near 32° 35'54"N, 116° 48'27"W). Alt.: 945m/3100ft. Rocky clay soil on mountain top; chaparral with Arctrostaphylos, Adenostoma, Cupressus, Quercus, Xylococcus, etc.; partially burned & with fire break cut thru center of area.

Uncommon liana.
A.C. Sanders 26539 4 May 2003
  w/ M. Elvin, C. Burrascano, A. Pigniolo, A. Thomson, et al  
  Entered into UCR Database (23730UCR1)

Herbarium of U. C. Riverside (UCR)
Lichens of Santa Barbara County, California, USA
Acarospora robiniae K. Knudsen ACAR
  Det. by Kerry Knudsen, 03 Aug 2005.  
Santa Cruz Island, W end of the island, Second Wave Terrace (34° 03' 54"N, 119° 54' 41" W, ±1000m). Alt.: 160m/525ft. Grassland with Eriogonum spp., overlooking ocean.

Substrate: unshaded volcanic rock.
R. Schoeninger 348 02 Jul 2000
  w/ C. Bratt, Frank Bungartz  
  Entered into UCR Database (UCR-156823)