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Plants and Lichens

Andrew Sanders

Curator / Museum Scientist
Tel:  (951) 827-3601

Fax:  (951) 827-4437 (department office)


Mailing Address:

Department of Botany & Plant Sciences
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521

Tel:  (951) 827-3601

Fax:  (951) 827-4437 (department office)


UCR Herbarium location:

The herbarium is located at the SE corner of the UCR campus, at the intersection of Campus Drive East and Campus Drive South.
It is at the top of the hill at the highest point of the road.
For those with topo maps or GPS, its location is on Riverside East 7.5 Q at 33° 58´ 13” N; 117° 19´ 26” W.
Its location is also given on the campus map available on the University of California Riverside web site.



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