Curator Andrew Sanders holding specimens from the herbarium's large collection of California flora. (Stan Lim/UCR)​



Mitchel Provance


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Calystegia felix Provance & A.C. Sanders, sp. nov. Th e holotype, A.C. Sanders & M.C. and T.A. Provance 40174 (UCR [UCR-246125]). Th e flowering branchlets are from a single ramet (Photo M. C. Provance, 2011)
Calystegia felix Provance & A.C. Sanders, sp. nov. The holotype, A.C. Sanders & M.C. and T.A. Provance 40174 (UCR [UCR-246125]). The flowering branchlets are from a single ramet (Photo M. C. Provance, 2011)


Andrew Sanders


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