UCR campus, aerial view

Meet the Staff


Dr. Amy Litt

Amy Litt

Director of the UCR Herbarium

Associate Professor &
Associate Biologist of Plant Evolution &

Dr. Andrew Sanders

Andrew C. Sanders

Curator/Museum Scientist
of the UCR Herbarium

Specializing in the plants of southern California.


Teresa Salvato

Assistant Museum Scientist

Dr. Mitchell Provance

Mitch Provance

Associate Researcher
Current Lichens Curator

Working on systematics and taxonomy of the Ebenaceae and Chenopodium of western California as well as the floristics of the Mexican states of Aguascalientes and southern Zacatecas.

Mike Cohen

Michael Cohen


Providing expertise in geographic information system, web presentation and exploration of new developments in technology.

Sara Mills

Sara Mills


Retired biology teacher providing her scientific skills.



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