Holotype Gelatinopsis

Holotype: Gelatinopsis acarosporicola Kocourk. & K. Knudsen

Description: Ascomata apothecia, superficial, scattered on the host areoles or in groups, sometimes occurring on prothallus between areoles, black even when wet, round to irregular; disc flat to slightly concave, rough, sometimes with slightly elevated margin, prolongate and constricted at base in stipe, 100–500 µm diam., 150–320 µm tall. Vegetative hyphae hyaline, branching, mostly 2.0 µm in diameter, I–, continuous with the hyphae of the stipe. Exciple laterally orange-brown, raised over hymenium, without hairs, 20–45 µm wide, composed of ± parallel, branched hyphae embedded in dense gel, 2–3 µm wide, basally forming irregular cells mostly 7 x 4 µm, pigment K–; subhymenium pale yellowish brown; epihymenium orange-brown, same color as exciple, conglutinated, 15–20 µm thick, K–; hymenium colorless, 110–160 µm tall, I–, KI–, when old sometimes infected with a dematious hyphomycete forming septate mycelium with short cylindrical cells constricted at septa; paraphyses lax in water, infrequently branching, (1.5–)2.0 µm in diam., with scarcely swollen apices to 3 µm, cells 6.0–12.5 µm long; asci cylindrical, apically rounded, thin-walled, internally without indentation, without croziers, 85–120 x 11–15 µm, I–, KI–; ascospores hyaline, usually uniseriate in ascus, non-septate, subglobose to globose, or broadly ellipsoid, (8.5–) 9.4–10.5–11.6(–12.5) x (7.0–)7.2–8.0–8.8 (–10.0) µm, n=40, l/b ratio (0.9–)1.1–1.3–1.5 (–1.6):1. Pycnidia unknown.

  Type: USA: California: Orange Co., Santa Ana Mountains, Fremont Canyon, 33° 47' 14" N, 117° 43' 03" W, 294 m, on Acarospora socialis on sandstone slab, 15 Oct 2007, Knudsen 9236 (holotype: UCR ; isotypes: MSC, PRM, HB. DIEDERICH).
  The original paper describing the type appeared in The Bryologist 112(2): 363-367. In a revision of the genus LlimoniellaG. acarpsporicola was transferred and became Llimoniella acarosporicola (Kocourk. & K. Knudsen) Diederich & Ertz, The Lichenologist 42(5):260 (2010)
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