Holotype Lecanora simeonensis

Holotype: Lecanora simeonensis K. Knudsen & Lendemer
  Description: Thallus yellow-beige, matt, warted-areolate, warts coalescing to form a rimose crust, sorediate, arising from a white prothallus, apothecia rare; warts irregular in shape, convex, often lumpy, sometimes incised, 0.1-0.4 mm across, young thalli thin and dissolving into soredia; in older thalli erupting in capitate soralia or apothecia. Soredia yellow to green-tinged, usually occurring in capitate soralia, mostly 0.5 mm wide; young soredia mostly 0.01 mm in diameter, poorly differentiated, algae entwined with colorless hyphae 2 µm in diameter; older soredia in capitate soralia mostly 0.4-0.5 mm in diam., with 1 or 2 layers of paraplentenchymatous hyphae with cells mostly 2 µm in diam. enclosing an algal core. Cortex of paraplectenchyma, colorless, cells 8-10 µm wide; composed of 2-10 layers of hyphae. Medulla of colorless hyphae mostly 2 µm in diam. Algal layer +/- discontinuous. Strata only well-differentiated in older warts. Apothecia round, broadly attached, scattered or in small groups among soralia, or usually absent, maximum diam. 0.75 mm, most apothecia 0.3-0.5 mm; disc plane to convex, dark green or beige, often with +/- yellow pruina; margin thin to relatively thick, concolorous with thallus, becoming excluded when the apothecia become convex. Amphithecium colorless within, outer surface same color as disc, +/- with yellow pruina, 20-100 µm wide, of long-celled gelatinized radiating hyphae, branching, with narrow lumina, mostly 1 µm thick, to 5 µm in length, with +/- fine granules, in outermost layer apical cells often 1-2 µm long and green-tinted; parathecium 10-20 µm or apparently lacking; hypothecium 90-100 µm high, colorless; subhymenium 30-40 µm, colorless; hymenium 50-70 µm colorless; epihymenium 10 µm high, sordid green, with +/- fine POL+ granules, green pigment diffuse and dissolving in K; paraphyses colorless, rarely branched, 1-1.5 µm wide, apical lumina usually ca. 1 x 1.5-3.0 µm wide, sometimes with green pigmented caps; asci 20-30 x 10-12 µm; ascospores 8 per ascus, colorless, simple, (11.7)-13.6-(16.2) x (3.4)-3.8-(4.1) µm (N=16). Pycnidia infrequent, immersed in thallus, walls brown. Conidia colorless, simple, filiform, slightly curved 13-14 x 1µm.
  Chemistry: Usnic acid (cortex), zeorin (medulla). Spot tests: K-, C-, KC+ yellowish, P-, UV-.
  Type: USA: California: San Luis Obispo Co.: San Simeon State Park, San Carpoforo Creek, south side, east of Highway 1, near 35° 45' 46" N, 121° 19' 21" W, elev. 6 m., on weathered conifer wood of abandoned corral,, K. Knudsen 6467 (UCR, holotype [fertile]; NY, PRM, isotypes [sterile]).
  The original paper describing the type appeared in Opuscula Philolichenum 6: 73-80 and is available on that publication's web site.
  Image: J.C. Lendemer.
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