Holotype Lepraria texta

Holotype: Lepraria texta K. Knudsen, Elix & Lendemer
  Description: Thallus: crustose, indeterminate, without lobes, continuous, with radiating hyphae, well-fastened to the substrate, forming an interconnected matrix less than 1 mm thick of prosoplectenchyma 4-5 µm in diam with thin walls and regular septation, with inter-hyphal space lacking any evidence of free-living algae, other fungi or bacteria being present; upper surface: usnic acid-derived green; soredia: irregularly-shaped subcorticate granules to 50 µm with multiple radiating hyphae; medulla: lacking; hypothallus: evident in some specimens as whitish algal-free layer resembling hypothallus of L. cacuminium; lower surface: lacking but substrate staining evident; Spot tests: K+ yellow or K-; KC+ yellow or KC-, P-; Secondary metabolites: atranorin (major or minor), usnic acid (major), zeorin (minor), roccellic and/or angardianic acid (minor).
  Type: USA: California: Ventura County: Santa Monica Mountains, Party Rock, high above Carlisle Valley (National Park Service property), 34° 6' 37" N 118° 54' 22" W, 698 m, north side of outcrop on Conejo volcanics, Knudsen 5153 w/ Rolf Muertter & Tarja Sagar, Feb. 8, 2006 (UCR-holotype; ASU, B, CANB, H, PH, UGDA-isotype)
  Image: Rolf Muertter.
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