Database Instructions


Welcome to the User Guide to Web-interactive Databases

Notes important to remember:

Log Out when you are done. Whether you enter a database as a guest or as an username user, logging out is important. Logging out when you are done frees the user slot for another person. If you are not actively using the database, the system waits fifteen minutes before automatically logging you out. Meanwhile someone may be unable to enter because of your disregard. Reading the guide below will instruct you on how to log out.

Use only the buttons on the pages themselves to move between screens and to do searches, sorts and other tasks. Avoid hitting your browser's back or forward buttons to return to previous views or to abort an operation. Doing so may cause a problerms with the functioning of the database web server.

The web database server is compatible only with current versions of Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer, the web browsers Filemaker has decided to support (sorry, FireFox lovers as well as aficionados of other browsers).

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