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Nota Bene (Note Well): The following interfaces with UCR various databases require one of the following web browers: Chrome 27.x, Safari 6.1.x, Safari 7.x, Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 11. Later versions of these web browsers may also be compatible. However, Firefox is not perfectly compatible.

Very Important: Remember to log off when you are finishing using a database through the Folder icon. Also remember that the system will log you off automatically after 15 minutes of no activity.


UCR Herbarium Inventory Files
  Overall Inventory  
  General Images  
  Codes for Scientific Families  
  Country Codes  
Non-plant Scientific Collections Databases
  Entomology Research Museum Specimens  
  UCR Nematode Collection  
UCR Herbarium Book Collection (guest logon available)
  UCR Herbarium Library  
RSA UCR Cooperation (username and password required)
  RSA UCR Cooperation  
Collectors' Private Databases (username and password required)
  Collector Web Test  
  High Desert  
  Kramer Junction  
  La Jolla Plants  
  MetroLink Wakeup  
  SD Collections  


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